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What makes us unique?

 Your fellow club members are genuinely enthusiastic about life and ready to support you in your new endeavors ahead. The easiest thing in the world is to say “no.” Our club members are “yes you can” people.

 True, we focus on a very specific area of successful aging, the personal financial side. But that’s because we believe that the best of the future will be expensive and we must be ready. It is also because we believe in giving back and helping those who cannot help themselves. This is selfish of us. We believe that this freedom to give to others will bring back rewards tenfold in helping children, grandchildren, the community and the world.

 What we know about successful longevity is that you must be connected with friends, and extended family. That this is the hardest part of older age, losing the people that are your anchors. The more we meet and know each other now, the more we will enrich each other’s lives in the fabulous decades ahead. If money brings us together initially, so what? It brings us together to travel, discuss, share and help.

 Here is how our Club makes a difference in our lives:

TOP ADVICE: You will get practical support to reach your personal goals. For example, in free seminars and webinars you get cutting edge information on the pillars of a successful future-Personal Wealth, Fitness and Appearance, Friends and Family, Creative Leisure, Work and Voluntarism.

Outstanding leaders in their fields give these tele-seminars. The information is unique and unavailable anywhere, but at our club. Decades of my personal speaking and teaching experience have taught me what to look for in seminars that make a difference in your life.

TRAVEL-We have created trips that not only offer fun, exciting and unusual experiences all over the globe, but an opportunity to investigate real-estate opportunities for income and growth investments, or personal lifestyle. We pledge to help you keep traveling with information and aides that increase accessibility anywhere you want to visit.  For example, in 2008 we offered a trip to Bhutan guided by travel veteran Carole Herdegen. (Now filled) You will not only visit one of the world's most unique countries, but Carole will teach you how to break into photo journalism and travel writing.  We also visit Costa Rica on a "real estate safari" and learn how to buy real estate anywhere in the world.  In February 2009, we visit Australia and are hosted by the Government of Western Australia on our visit to the Perth Mint. International speakers help us make sure that our buying power stays in tact no matter the fate of the dollar.

NETWORKING: On our own newsgroup we exchange ideas, information, services and products that will enhance all our lives. If you are a professional in the field of longevity, health care, law, finance, and pharmaceutical. We will edit and publish your articles for our club members. It’s a wonderful way to network with potential customers and like-minded professionals.

DISCOUNTS: Currently your free Club membership comes with 125,000 discounts, ranging from restaurants to theatre and endless retail offers, plus others relating to our longevity, such as long term care insurance, incorporating your new business, and more. Yes, the corner Pizza store and your favorite movie theatre are in the list. Just put in your zip code and have a ball. And if you know of a store, or other venue you would like to list, just ask us. Through our discount partner, we will make every effort to make it happen.

DREAM FULFILLMENT: Have you wanted to be a travel writer, start a business, write a novel, show your painting, start a new career, or learn Chinese? I could go on forever, and if you are a typical club member, so can you. With our expanding contacts and content, you’ll come to your Club first when you need help, research, a friend or a mentor. Like the old-fashioned brick and mortar clubs, club members are people you can call upon when you need something or have something to offer.

P.L.A.Y. Money:You have access to the on line game that straightens out your financial picture, shows you the legal documents you need to stay in control of your money all your life, helps you decide where you want to live in the fabulous decades ahead, and instructs you on how to make sure your money lasts as long as you do, and always yields enough.

What did we miss? Let Us know.

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 Longevity Club is an international group of like-minded people who believe that the years ahead will be the most exciting and rewarding of our lives. Without denying the challenges of aging, we feel better, look better, do more, increase our wealth faster and extend our relationships and personal fulfillment more successfully than ever before.


Through membership in the Longevity Club On Line, we strengthen our gift for good living and successful aging.

Adriane explains why the Longevity Club On Line was created:

Do you feel totally confident about having all the money you need no matter how long you live? Do you worry that healthcare and maybe a long-term illness will deplete your savings? Are you tired of making financial compromises because you soon will or already have stopped working and the cash flow is less than you expected?

I am considered one of the leading experts in personal finance. I have made millions at my work, yet I have NEVER been financially free. Money has come and gone so quickly and unexpectedly in my life that a psychic once told me that I had must have done something greedy in a past life! (Ok, I didn’t go to a psychic, it was a freebie at a corporate conference, but still, he said it, and I ever forgot it.)

One reason I know that money was an issue in my life is that I never expected to live very long. Because my father suffered an early death, I thought I would, too. So in my 20’s and 30’s when I was a high-powered lawyer I spent lots of money.

Then something really unexpected happened. I reached the age of 50.

I’ve been around since 1948. But my life really opened up when I hit 50. I had a great marriage, a 6-year-old daughter, a 16-year-old son, and a booming career in radio, books and public speaking. I realized that I was more fit and happier than earlier in my life and that I had a chance to make to a real difference in the world, if I could keep my passion and my health. 

I began to be a collector of great ideas for successful aging-hints, tips, research, studies and people who can propel us forward in the fabulous decades ahead. I wrote a book, “How Not To Go Broke at 102: Achieving Everlasting Wealth.” Wiley published it in paperback in 2008. Visit for lots of freebies and excerpts. Eventually, I became the “USA TODAY” keynote speaker on retirement. 

But, along the way, things were far from perfect. The payoffs got bigger, but so did the challenges. My mother is 91 years old and we have lived through several episodes of illness with her. Now she is living with me, but still keeps an apartment. Will she ever go back to it?

Each time I learned more about how to help, and make a difference.  I believe her life has been saved more than once, because of the professionals I engaged and the type of care that was taken of her. Currently, she lives independently and has attended every event in her grandchildren’s lives. 

Things often broke down financially, too. I left my radio show and failed at a national try. I never recovered that important forum. My newsletter suffered. I needed to reinvent myself, find other work and investments; I re-emerged at mid-life as a different kind of success. That’s how I know you can, too. 

I discovered that my passion was successful aging, itself; I wanted all of us to have a kick-ass old age. I reopened my law practice, specializing in elder law attorney, created corporate and human resource training for the “50 + Child.”  I learned the critical importance of having a personal mission.  

And I moved. I left the trophy house, with all the great fireplaces, and all the burdensome upkeep, for an easy care mid century, downsized home. Lots of angst, but it all worked out. I learned all about universal design, how to make sure I can “age in place.” 

This journey covered all the basics, aging parent, college planning son, young daughter born late in life, financial catch up, reinvention of mission and soul searching. I’m a one person demographic. Along the way I became a travel writer and scanned the globe. Boy do I have information, know-how and resources for any thing that may come up in your life.  

And that’s when it hit me. It wasn’t more stuff or even money I needed to have a great old age. I needed the security that gives us peace of mind. I needed life long cash flow that didn’t need me to work for it. Sure, things were better than great now, but in the end I would have only a small pension from AFTRA, Social Security (keep your fingers crossed), and some great real estate (one of my favorite investments.) There were so many people out there ready to “help,” which meant ready to sell me something.

I decided to face my resistance to planning, recognize that I had a good chance at long life, and make it into a game I could play. A spoonful of sugar makes the budget planning go down!

So I decided to write it all up in one article called P.L.A.Y. Money. My planning system got such response that I designed a real game for you to play as a member of the club.

So now our club has a game site,, a travel site,, a homeowner’s site,, a caregiver’s site,, and even a legal site,

Since we launched, the American Bar Association has featured the concept of Longevity Law in one of their magazines. We have traveled across the world together, and we have made the friends we will need in the fabulous decades ahead.

And that’s how the LONGEVITY CLUB came to be, really…