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Benefits of Discount Long Term Care Insurance
The Longevity Club has arranged for significant discounts for
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A 10% discount is now available to all members, their spouses/partners, siblings, parents, parents-in-law, grandparents, grandparents-in-law and adult children ages 18 and older.

IMPORTANT REASONS to seriously consider Long-Term Care Insurance Today!

  • Long-Term Care Insurance protects your savings and retirement plan.
  • Long-Term Care Insurance premiums may be tax deductible.  Business owners are allowed to deduct qualified LTC insurance premiums as accident and health insurance paid for bonafide employees, spouses and dependents.  The benefits received under a tax-qualified Long-Term Care Insurance policy will generally be excludable from income.  Significant tax savings are also available to C-Corporations, S-Corporations, Partnerships and LLCs.
  • Long-Term Care is a serious subject that can directly impact you and your family.  The need for long-term care can arise whether you're in your 40's or your 70's or any age in-between.  In fact, the U.S. General Accounting Office says that nearly 40% of people age 65 now will spend some time in a nursing home.
  • Without Long-Term Care Insurance, you are really not covered properly for potential future situations.  No other insurance coverage was primarily designed to cover long-term care, other than Long-Term Care Insurance.  The cost of this type of care can be very expensive and paying for it yourself could have serious financial consequences.
  • Long-Term Care Insurance probably costs less than you might think.  It's common for people to anticipate a high cost of coverage.  A personalized proposal with rates for your age and choice of coverage is available to you through MedAmerica, a leader in Long-Term Care insurance.
  • Americans are living longer.  By 2020, almost one out of six Americans will be 65 or older.  Over 40% of 65 year olds will live to age 90 by mid-century, compared to 25% in 1980.
  • Families are under pressure to help growing numbers of elders.


  • Only 35% of American workers today can depend on a pension as their main source of income when they retire.  Most will rely on 401(k) plans, IRA's or other retirement plans.
  • Unless things change, Social Security will not have enough money to pay full benefits to retirees by 2036.
  • Medicaid programs in 49 states faced budget shortfalls in 2003.  As a result, many states have cut back on long-term care services to seniors.

It's hard to predict what lies ahead.  Will medical and technological breakthroughs offer us new ways to prolong our life and youthfulness?  Or, will an injury or chronic condition limit our ability to live independently?  Although no one can say what the future will bring, there are some things that we can already see on the horizon.  These trends suggest that, in the coming years, we're more likely to be on our own for long-term care.


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